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Dear Reader,
If you are here, you are probably interested in water rendering techniques, shaders, computer graphics or you just got lost when surfing the internet.

One interesting and challenging part of computer games is real-time realistic water rendering, that is what this site is about. I'll try to introduce the latest water shader approaches on the following pages. Please, feel free to correct or extend the articles! Every remarks and suggestions are welcomed!

Today's HWS (Habib's Water Shader)

Eliminating straight edges (at water-terrain intersections)

Beach wave formation

Specular reflection settings

Different Fresnel term approximations

General demos

Demonstrating the main steps of the water effect

1. Adding a plane which reflects everything above it
2. Get the plane in motion by some ripples
3. Set the ration between reflection and refraction on the plane
4. Adding some dull color to make the water dirtier
5. Ready :)

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